Sonics AVI has collaborated with X2O to bring OneRoom solutions!

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Immersive Online Collaboration Environment With Real-time Engagement

X2O OneRoom is the future of remote meeting and learning. Built on the robust, award-winning X2O Platform, OneRoom represents a new approach to collaboration compared to traditional videoconferencing. Create an immersive learning and meeting space. OneRoom connects remote and in-room participants together for real-time collaboration and learning wherever they are located.

X2O OneRoom Benefits

The OneRoom solution is equipped with advanced features such as cameras for true eye contact combined with high-quality directional audio that ensures one-to-one engagement. An interactive whiteboard and a suite of integrated collaboration tools facilitate learning, training and decision making for in-room and remote participants alike.

With its wide breadth of applications, the next generation X2O OneRoom contributes to reduced costs, improved communications and an engaging experience for all participants across the globe.

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