Video Conferencing

Sonics integrates video into meeting rooms and provides the underlying infrastructure to allow you to meet face to face no matter where in the world your colleagues are. Regardless of whether they are in another meeting room or working from home using a laptop and webcam.

Video conferencing revolutionises the way businesses communicate with colleagues and customers no matter where they are. Technology which was once perceived as being solely for executives in large multinationals is now within reach of any organisation with multiple offices or staff working at remote locations or from home, regardless of size. An investment in video conferencing brings real benefits to your bottom line by reducing travel and administration expenses, simplifying collaboration and speeding up decision making.

Working with leading manufactures and service providers, we provide hosted video as a service for customers. This removes the expense and headache of investing and maintaining an expensive video infrastructure.

If your business is seeking to reduce travel costs, increase productivity and efficiency and at the same time help the environment by reducing your carbon emissions, get in touch with us today and well help you build a business case the maximises your return on investment.