Wireless Presentation

Have you ever considered how much time you, other staff and visitors to your offices waste trying to connect a cable to their laptop or other personal device just to share a presentation or other content? We reckon at least 5 to 10 minutes is lost in each hour long meeting as attendees try to figure out what connects to what and how to switch between presentation sources. This adds up to a lot of lost man hours over the year!
Wireless technology simplifies this process with the added benefit of de-cluttering the boardroom table and gives you real flexibility to support a BYOD policy
Most AV and Video Conferencing manufactures offer their own applications to enable wireless collaboration. The apps themselves are usually available from Apple or Google stores free of charge but youll usually have to pay to use the underlying technology throughout your meeting rooms.
Having used the most offerings available Sonics recommends the Barco Clickshare solution. They offer the most intuitive method of content sharing, simply connect to your USB port and push a button and your presentation or display will appear on screen or be projected onto the wall! The idea is so simple that even first time meeting room guests find it easy to connect. If youre using a tablet or smartphone there is also a free app available from your devices store.
Best of all the technology is within reach of all businesses regardless of size as its cost effective and provides vendor agnostic connectivity to any display technology
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