Consumer TV Versus Commercial Display

Business presentation on corporate meeting.
When reviewing proposals customers often query the cost of Commercial Displays for AV projects, assuming that they could pop down to the local high street retailer and pick up a TV a lot cheaper.
In the same way you wouldnt purchase a consumer tablet or laptop for your staff, Sonics do not recommend installing consumer displays in meeting room environments for a number of reasons.
Firstly, Commercial Displays are designed for commercial use and are certified to be used for much longer periods of time. As a result, they will usually have an extended warranty of up to 3 years when compared to your average TV for home use. Your manufactures warranty will most likely be void if you do install one of their consumer models in a business environment. In any event a consumer TV will have to be sent for repair leaving you with no screen for your meetings whilst a commercial display will simply be swapped out in the event of a failure. Whilst the upfront cost might be a little bit more Commercial Displays are more cost effective to support in the long run.
Another big plus when using a Commercial Display is that they will have more display ports including HDMI, VGA and DVI. In offices youre likely to want to connect a variety of devices during presentations and you can never be sure what a visitor will be using to present.
Even if youre installing a screen in an area that is not rigorously used a Commercial Display is an investment in the future. As your business grows and need change meeting rooms tend to become a more complex but users want simple functionality, a Commercial Display will always be able to interface with other equipment and most importantly work with the most common room control systems.
If youre considering investing in display technology Sonics expert advice can guide you to the most cost effective solution to support your business now and into the future.